Marketing Optimization Modeling

Marketing Optimization Models for strategic marketing.

Marketing optimization models are extremely useful for promotion strategies to optimize marketing ROI. We build marketing optimization models and use the models to develop strategies for retailers, consumer products manufacturers, and services providers. We customize the models with special marketing metrics to your marketing goals, brands, and selling channels to achieve optimal ROI.  

Product Recommendation

Online Product Recommendation helps more sales.

Online product recommendations are useful tools for retailers, CPG manufacturers, and service providers to generate more sales by showing other products to customers. Our product recommendation module is developed to increase market sales and profits through advanced statistical analysis based on shopping data, which can recommend more relevant products to shoppers.

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Marketing AI

Marketing AI help effective marketing

We build custom marketing AI for clients' specific marketing needs. Our marketing AI is built on our predictive machine learning algorithms with specific market metrics and the latest software technologies. Rapidly developing technologies are changing the ways of shopping and living and consumer expectations. New sales channels are emerging and markets are more dynamic. In order to gain competitive advantages in the marketplace, retailers and CPG manufacturers must look forward to future products, markets, and marketing. We are interested in working with companies to develop market AI applications to help retailers and CPG manufacturers stay on top of markets.

Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecast helps prevent out-of-stocks and overstocks

We use statistical modeling techniques to build predictive models to predict sales at various geo-levels with various time frames. Models are built on multiple features that may impact sales volume. The common features can be price, promotion, shelf location, event, weather, season, and competitors' marketing events. Sales prediction can help plan product purchases and inventory management. Sales prediction and forecasting can minimize out-of-stocks and overstocks, which can reduce wastes and prevent sales leakages.