Customized Online Reporting

Reporting systems are essential operational and analytical tools for corporations with large amounts of data. Reports or dashboards can help business operations and decision making more efficiently and consistently. Reporting requires a series of data analyses, such as data integration, database development and management, aggregation, and visual presentation. We provide total solutions by streamlining the entire reporting process, and the reporting apps can be hosted on your company internal servers, public clouds, or our servers at your choice. Our reporting systems are built on Microsoft Enterprise BI software suites to ensure best performance and security available. Our desktop reports are designed to optimize on large screens which give more information at a glance. Our mobile reports are specifically designed to achieve optimal viewing for smaller screens. The users of our clients can view the reports on desktop computers and mobile devices. Our reports are customized, mission-driven, visualized, interactive, and real-time.  Reports can be exported in PDF, Word, Excel, TXT, and CSV formats, and printed friendly. 

Typical Projects:

*  Operational Reports

*  Transactional Reports

*  Customer Reports

*  Summary Reports

*  Analytical Reports

*  KPI Dashboard 

*  Monitoring and Alerting

Web-Based Reports


Our web-based reports are designed to optimize for larger screens of desktops as well as being reviewable on mobile. They are customized, visualized, interactive, and secure. Tables, charts, and maps are designed to present business data as best as possible. They can be drilled down for detailed information and drilled through to other pages. 

Mobile Reports


Designed to optimize on small screens such as tablets and phones. Mobile reports are also good to view on desktops.  They are custom designed for your business operation and decision making on-the-go. Our mobile reports are visual and interactive with drill-down, drill-through, and touch-to-span capabilities to view details.

Analytical Reports


Analytical reports are specially designed for day-to-day business analyses for management and non-analytical workers. We have pre-calculated business metrics residing in the reporting databases for the systems to generate reports quickly and also have interactive user interfaces to enhance user experiences.

Operational Reports


Our operational reports are specially designed for your daily business operations. The systems contain business metrics for your easy view and use, and allowing you to quickly see your business status from top-to-bottom by getting overall pictures and detailed information.

KPI Dashboards


Our Key Performance Indicator dashboards are specially designed for quick and detailed views for business performance. The indicators give intuitive views of performances vs goals. Interactive drill-down, drill-through, and dropdown selections provide you great flexibility to view your company business performance from different angles. 

Monitoring & Alerting


Our Monitoring and Alerting system can monitor your business operations at real-time, and send alerts if anything goes wrong or needs attention. The system even provides more detailed and summarized information of each monitored machine or part to help knowing status and revealing causes of problems. We also develop custom monitoring and alerting systems specifically for your business needs.