Predictive Manufacturing

Equipment Downtime Prediction

Equipment Downtime Prediction to reduct downtime.

In manufacturing, machines in production line are doing the same jobs in pre-designed orders with exact time slots. If one is down, that can stop the entire production line. Frequent machine downtime can cause serious production loss. Our experienced engineer and data scientist can help reduce machine down rate by examining the issues,  and understanding patterns and relevances. We build predictive models to predict equipment down possibilities and recommend actions before they happen, which can greatly reduce machine down rate and length.

Product Defect Prevention

Product Defect Prevention for defect reduction.

Product defects are big issues in manufacturing. High defect rate can definitely cause serious problems in production performance and product quality, which may lose markets. Our engineers have decades of research and engineering experience in product defect reduction. With industry expertise in defect reduction and data sciences, we build models to analyze defect relevant factors, predict and detect defects, and recommend plans to prevent defects. 

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Monitoring and Performance BI

Monitoring & Alerting

Realtime monitoring equipment performance

Modern manufacturing is highly automatic and productive -- machines run non-stop. Automatic monitoring and  alerting systems are watching equipment operations and sending signals to indicate machine performances. Our monitoring system can monitor equipment performance by showing data directly loading from equipment and summarizing data in real-time. Reports are visualized and interactive, and visuals can be drill-down and drill-through for detail views on desktops or mobiles. 

Performance Analysis & Reporting

Manufacturing performance analysis & reporting

In manufacturing, equipment performances are critical important for production and product quality. We build performance analysis & reporting BI systems for manufacturers to gain systemic knowledge about the equipments and problems. The BI tools can be used to view and analyze performance, as well as trace back for deeper troubleshooting. Our experienced engineers in manufacturing troubleshooting can help manufacturers reduce downtime and improve production with higher quality.  

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