Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics / Machine Learning

Predictive Analysis and Machine Learning are advanced statistical analysis technologies used for revealing cause and effect relationships, predicting future events, detecting hidden patterns, developing strategies, optimizing resources, and recognize images. Predictive analytics has been successfully used in marketing optimization, demand forecasting, and fraud detection. We provide the services of predictive analysis and machine learning for businesses to gain deeper insights and make smarter decisions. We have developed predictive analytics modules in marketing and retail sales prediction.

Correlation Analysis

Correlation Analysis Chart showing dependency relation of any 2 factors.

With large scale of data, it may be impossible to spot out patterns and relationships without advanced statistical analyses. We offer analyses to reveal relationship by various analyses, such as correlation, clustering, factoring, principal component, bayesian probability, and predictive modeling.

Predictive Modeling

Predictive Modeling Fitting Chart showing model prediction accuracy.

Predictive modeling involves a series of data analyses such as data manipulation, variable creation, and model selection and evaluation. Good models are greatly useful in strategic planning and decision making. We offer predictive modeling and apply models to generate predictions, reveal insights, and deliver strategies for businesses. 

Machine Learning

Machine Learning - demonstration of the process

Specially designed statistical algorithms can automatically compute data to achieve best model fit through hundreds of iterations. We offer services in developing machine learning algorithms and use models to develop smart solutions for strategic planning and intelligent business apps. 

Bayesian Network

Bayesian Network for products in market

In real world, many things happen due to existences of others. We have pre-developed algorithms automatically computing Bayesian probabilities as well as correlations on large scale of data. Bayesian probability and correlations can be used for developing business strategies for greater operation efficiencies and smarter decisions. 

Pattern Detection

Pattern Detection - analysis patterns and detect outliers.

Many things behave or appear in their certain ways. Pattern recognition is to identify patterns and find causes by progressively computing processes based on large amounts of data. We develop specific algorithms to automatically recognize hidden patterns, and develop strategies to prevent unwanted events.

Image detection / Classification

Image detection / Classification

Our neural network based image classification modeling process can automatically train models and use the models to detect target objects in the images. We are pleased to work with companies for image classification modeling and  image classification projects.