Solution Analytics Inc. is a technology oriented business consulting firm located in San Francisco Bay Areas. It provides services in big data analytics, predictive modeling, online reporting, and BI & AI applications in retailing, marketing, healthcare, insurance, and industries where data analytics is important to business successes. Its detailed, in-deep, and advanced data analytics technologies with modern information technologies enhance its abilities to turn massive messy data into information, knowledge, strategies, recommendations, online reports, and BI & AI applications.  

The members of the team at Solution Analytics Inc hold MS and Ph.D. degrees in statistics and other scientific fields with extensive work experiences in big data analytics, predictive modeling, strategic marketing, healthcare reporting and analysis, science research and technology development, semi-conductor engineering, and business intelligence application development in top fortune and startup companies. With our great passions in innovation, efficiency, and automation through analytics and technologies, we are striving to bring optimal solutions to our clients. 

With continuing developing our data analysis methodologies, procedures, product prototypes, and applications at Solution Analytics Business Management Platform (SABMP.com), we are gaining greater confidence to provide solid and effective products to our clients to achieve optimal outcomes for clients' businesses. We use Products with Services business models to work with client companies on contract basis. Our products and services include:

*  Customized Online Reporting – You tell us what reports you want for your businesses. We turn your business data into clear and insightful reports to help your business operations and support your decision-making. You can view reports online and the reports will be updated with schedules. This can be a turn-key solution and cost effective tool for your business. 

*  Predictive Modeling & Machine Learning – Bring your business analyses and operation tools to higher levels by adding advanced features and intelligences. Predictive Models and Bayesian Network have been used in targeted marketing, fraud prevention, early disease prediction, and etc.  Let’s get them work for your businesses.

*  Custom BI and AI Applications - Modernize your business operations and decision supporting tools by modern BI and AI applications. We incorporate predictive modeling and machine learning technologies into applications to automatically uncover tangible insights and  predict and detect future events to help your business planning and operations efficiently and strategically. Let's work together to get them work for your organizations. 

*  Big Data Analytics – We provide data analysis services at various levels and stages, including data processing, aggregation, visualization, feature creation, prediction, forecasting, detection, research, development, and production. We turn massive messy data into knowledge, information, insights, strategies, intelligences, and tools. 

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