Got lots of data but not getting the insights you need?


Accelerate your business with deep analyses, actionable insights, and new strategies.

Nowadays, massive amounts of data is automatically generated during everyday business operations, but unstructured and unanalyzed data have little value. 

Solution Analytics Inc. can turn your data into business insights and solutions that will drive your business forward. We help businesses of all sizes and industries unlock the power in their data, including retail, manufacturing, insurance, and finance. Our services in Big Data Analytics and business AI applications are scalable and flexible. You can start from a small projects, and then add more complex and detailed analyses and webpages to scale up over time.

If you are interested in getting your data working for your business and modernizing your operation tools, please feel free to contact us for a free initial consultation.


We build powerful AI tools customized to your data and unique business goals.

Well analyzed data and AI applications can help you gain deep insights about your business and operate it more efficiently and strategically. Business AI Apps will modernize your operation and decision making, facilitate monitoring and tracking, help improve communication within the organization, find problems and solutions, discover opportunities, predict future events, recognize patterns, prevent unwanted events, and optimize good outcomes. Well-designed and functional business AI Apps can help reduce costs, save time, and improve profits. 

Our AI apps are specially designed for your business needs. They are web and mobile-based applications that enable you and your employees to use tools online anytime and anywhere. The real-time data can be fed into the systems and applications will update instantly. The applications are interactive and visualized, and have capabilities to drill-down and drill-through for further details.

Who we help


Don't know where to start? Solution Analytics have experiences in a variety of industries.

If your business creates large amounts of data and you have the following thoughts or problems, we can help you turn data into solutions and tools for business operation and decision making. We can help, especially if following situations apply to you:

  1. Your business creates large amounts of data, and you want to get data working for your business, but you have no resources to do it. 
  2. You have one or more retail stores or consumer products manufactories, but do not have modern online reporting system to automatically track sales, analyze data, and generate reports.
  3. You have hundreds of products and millions of customers. You want to know how products were purchased and are related to each other, and to generate more sales through cross-sell and up-sell. 
  4. You have online store and want to see how products were viewed, how many were saved in shopping carts, checked out, returned, and how these actions are related to prices and other factors. 
  5. Your company offers hundreds of healthcare insurance plans, and you want to know how these plans work for people with different needs.  
  6. Your manufactory has hundreds of equipment, equipment breakdowns have caused production delays and waste resources. 

In retail, insurances, manufacturing, and other industries, there are hundreds and thousands of problems that need solutions, and business operations should be based on clear understanding of what are going on, what could possibly happen, and which areas can be improved for greater profits. We provide deep data analytics services and business AI applications to help you better know your business and operation your business, and enhance the capabilities to achieve your business goals. 

Free initial consultation and free trial can get your project started.  Please contact us for more information.