Transform Data Into Powerful Insights and BI & AI Tools

Transform Data Into Powerful Insights and BI & AI Tools

Transform Data Into Powerful Insights and BI & AI ToolsTransform Data Into Powerful Insights and BI & AI ToolsTransform Data Into Powerful Insights and BI & AI Tools

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Accelerate your business with deep analyses, actionable insights, and new strategies.

Nowadays, massive amounts of data is automatically generated during everyday business operations. Unstructured and unanalyzed data have little to do with the businesses. Well analyzed data and data powered business tools can help you to operate your business more efficiently and profitably. 

Solution Analytics Inc. provides services in big data analytics and business application development and hosting, that can turn your data into business insights, strategies, and intelligent tools. Our data analysis services include data processing, manipulation, aggregation, predictive analysis, pattern recognition, anomaly detection, strategy development, etc. Through our data analytics, your data will transform into valuable business insights, actionable strategies, or daily business tools.  We use the most powerful data analysis software and latest advanced computation technologies with our 2-decade's practices in big data analytics for business solutions to work on your data. We will get your data to tell stories and generate smart strategies to help your business succeeds. 

We help businesses of all sizes and industries unlock the power in their data. Our services are flexible and scalable. You can start from small scale projects, and then add more complex and deep analyses to scale up overtime. We can even automate the analysis processes to get your data automatically produce analytical insights and recommendations to support  your ongoing business needs.   


Turn your data into intelligent business tools for your unique business goals.

Well analyzed data and modern business applications can help you gain deep insights about your business and operate it more efficiently and strategically. Intelligent business applications are the online tools that can display data in hierarchic structures, trace past events, show analysis reports,  reveal relationships, predict futures, recognize patterns, detect anomalies, find problems, provide solutions, and optimize resources. Business applications powered by well analyzed data can be very helpful in reducing costs, saving time, and improving profits. 

Our customized BI & AI applications are specially designed for your business needs. They are web and mobile based business tools, that can be used to view and operate businesses online anytime and anywhere. Our data analytics and business applications are built on well integrated and analyzed data that can come from various data sources. Our business applications can be hosted on your company internal servers, public cloud, or our servers at your choice. The applications have capabilities of automatically processing, computing, and updating for ongoing   data feeding. We use the Microsoft platforms and the most powerful data analytics software (Python or SAS ) to ensure the best performances and securities and analytical abilities. Our applications are interactive and visualized, and the tables, charts and maps can be drilled down for detail views and drilled through to other webpages.

If you are interested in getting your data working for your business and modernizing your operation tools, please feel free to contact us for a free initial consultation.


Total Solutions with deep analyses and customized services

If your business generates large amounts of data and you have thoughts about getting deeper insights about your business or you are interested in having business intelligence tools, we can help to make your dreams come true. We provide Total Solutions for data analytics and business applications from data inputs in various data forms to outputs as business insights and applications. 

We customize to your data and unique business goals to design and develop algorithms in computational programs to compute data step-by-step toward the direction of the project goal.  In general, we implement 10-step data analytics and solution development cycle. 

Our 10-step data analytics and solution development are following: 

  - Understanding data and project goals and business nature; 

  - Defining project scope in term of data size, dimension, depth, analysis tools and methods, and deliverable;

  - Data collection, loading, integration, transformation, and exploration; 

  - Building databases for data analysis, process, and management, creating datasets to support applications; 

  - Feature engineering to create data fields measuring and representing objects and activities;

  - Data Aggregation to analyze data and generate reporting datasets by using SQL; 

  - Advanced analysis to reveal deep relationships, predict futures, detect abnormalities, etc in Python; 

  - Applying analytical results for business strategies and applications;

  - Testing and refining analyses and applications;

  - Developing user interfaces for users to access apps for viewing and using the tool.

Our Total Solutions can be flexible based on your needs. Our ultimate goal is to get your data working for your business with low cost and ongoing updates and supports.  Please contact us for more information.