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Data Analytics and BI Applications for Businesses

Modern information and computing technologies are reshaping the ways of people living, shopping, working, and thinking. These rapid changes are greatly contributed by Big Data Analytics and Intelligent Business tools. In recent decades, large and medium size corporations have already used data analytics and BI tools in decision supports and business operations. However, dynamic markets and complex businesses require continuously adding and updating data analysis methodologies and applications to address new problems and improve operational efficiencies and decision effectiveness. We provide big data analysis services and custom BI & AI applications to help efficient operations and smart decisions. We work on turning massive amounts of data into business tools, insights, and strategies. 


Big Data Analytics for Insights and Solutions

In this digital era, any activities associated with electronic devices could be recorded as data. Data are massive and messy in various forms. Unstructured data have little value to businesses. Well-structured and deeply analyzed data can be very valuable for business operations, strategic planning, and smart decisions. Big Data Analytics is not only data preparation, aggregation, and presentation, but also involves advanced statistical techniques which can reveal tangible relationships, detect hidden patterns, predict futures, and support intelligent business tools. Most of large size companies have been heavily relying on analytical and BI tools in identifying problems and opportunities, operating businesses, developing better solutions, and taking quick and strategic actions. 


Predictive Machine Learning for Intelligences

Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning are complex data computation processing in development of advanced statistical models to analyze data in order to reveal deep insights, predict futures, uncover problems, discover opportunities, recognize patterns, optimize good outcomes, and develop strategies. By integrating with the latest software and IT technologies, predictive machine learning can automatic solve complex business problems and deliver better solutions for more efficient business operation and greater profits.  We develop predictive machine learning based on your business natures ad goals.


Online Reports Supporting Business Operations and Decision Making

Business reports and dashboards are essential tools in corporation operation and management. Recent BI applications and IT technologies make most of corporation reports moved from Excel to online as desktop and mobile reports, which are greatly improve work efficiency. In general, reporting involves a series of stages, including data feed and processing, aggregation, presentation in tables and charts, and security setup for dedicated users. Reporting data are stored and processed in database servers. Modern reports are web-based, and visualized and interactive. They can be automatically updated and viewed remotely. We provide services to build custom report systems to support your business operation efficiently. 


BI & AI Applications Helping Business Operation Efficiently and Strategically

Business and Artificial Intelligence Applications are modern tools to help operate businesses more efficiently and strategically. Well-designed BI and AI apps provide business insights and do jobs smartly. BI and AI apps usually are designed for specific tasks, which can provide information for your business and do jobs in smarter ways to achieve certain goals. BI applications can be as simple websites for product search or information management. Advanced BI and AI applications provide deeper insights, automatically detect patterns, predict futures,  generate recommendations, and take actions by themselves.  


BI & AI Apps Helping Save Money and Time, and Improve Profits

If your business generates large amounts of data in daily operation, you really should get your data work for your business. Unstructured and not analyzed data have little value. Well analyzed data and BI & AI apps can help you gain deep insights about your businesses. BI & AI apps are powered by well analyzed data and mechanized by modern software technologies. They can have capabilities to show you what products are doing well, what the problems are, how problems were caused, how to prevent problems, etc. They are intelligent tools helping you to operate your business more efficiently and strategically, save money and time, and improve profits.