The Company


Solution Analytics Inc. is technology oriented business consulting firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area. It provides services in big data analytics, predictive machine learning, online reporting, and BI & AI applications in retail, marketing, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, and other industries where data analytics and business application are critical to business successes. Its detailed, deep, and advanced data analytics with modern information technologies enhance its abilities to turn massive amounts of messy data into information, knowledge, strategies, recommendations, online reports, and BI & AI applications.  

The members of the team at Solution Analytics Inc hold MS and Ph.D degrees in statistics, chemistry, environmental sciences, computer sciences, and other science fields with 2-decade extensive work experiences in big data analytics, predictive modeling, retail and consumer products marketing analysis, healthcare reporting and analysis, equipment engineering, semi-conductor engineering, science research and technology development, and business intelligence application development in US top fortune corporations and startups. With our great passions in innovation, efficiency, and automation through analytics and technologies, we are striving to bring optimal solutions to help our clients achieve their business goals. 

Emerging technologies are changing people's life styles and expectations so new business tools and strategies are becoming critical for business successes in this new era. At Solution Analytics, we continuously innovate, develop, and refine analysis methodologies, procedures, and BI & AI applications to keep our products and services updated, efficient, and cost-effective for clients's ongoing business needs. Our analytics services and applications are scalable and flexible. If you are interested in getting your data working for your business and modernizing your operation tools, we can start from a small projects, and then add more complex and detailed and advanced analyses and webpages to scale up over time. Please feel free to contact us for potential projects.