Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analysis consists of a number of advanced statistical analysis technologies,  which require intensive computer programming work to create variables and develop models to achieve the best fits. Predictive analysis, including predictive modeling, is complicated and consumes much more computer resources than data aggregation. Thanks to powerful statistical software such SAS and Python, which make predictive analysis feasible. Statistical Models are used for revealing cause and effect relationships, predicting future events, detecting hidden patterns, developing strategies, and optimizing resources. In recent decades, predictive models have been used in customer loyalty management, product demand forecasting, fraud detection, weather forecasting, and more. We provide services in developing algorithms for predictive analyses and models, and applying models to predict future events and detect hidden patterns in Python or SAS software. Furthermore, we have great interest in working with clients to apply models to develop optimal solutions in marketing, financing, manufacturing, and more. 

Typical Projects:

*  Predictive Modeling

*  Machine Learning

*  Event Forecasting

*  Anomaly Detection

*  Cause and Effect Analysis

*  Linear Models

*  Non-Linear Models

*  Bayesian Network


*  Clustering Analysis

*  Principal Component Analysis

Statistical Analysis


We offer statistical analysis services for businesses, manufacturers, and organizations. With huge amount of data, it may be impossible to spot out patterns and trends without in-depth statistical analyses. Some commonly used analyses for such situations are Anova, Clustering Analysis, Factor Analysis, Principal Component Analysis, and Statistical Modeling. It is our pleasure to work with your business in applying advanced statical techniques to identify problems and develop solutions.

Predictive Modeling


Predictive Models can predict future events, uncover factors affecting others, and detect anomalies. Some applications include marketing, financing, inventory control, and manufacturing. Commonly used predictive models are regression and logistic regression models, as well as other linear and non-linear models. We provide predictive modeling services to help your business to get to next level. 

Machine Learning


As analytical software and IT technologies evolve, predictive modeling processes can automatically refine models and search for optimal fits.  Specially designed algorithmic computer programs to generate better models to predict, detect, and recognize certain things as the processes to run, which is core of machine learning. We are interested in working with clients to develop machine learning algorithms for business intelligence.   

Bayesian Network


In the real world, many things are related to each others. We apply Bayesian probability theory in computer programming to compute possible relationships of products and services step-by-step. We also develop BI & AI applications by using Bayesian network to help improve business operations and marketing effectiveness. 

Examples - Predictive Analysis


* Coupon Redemption Prediction

* Consumer Shopping Behavior Prediction

* Fraud Detection and Prevention

* Disease Prediction and Prevention

* Treatment Effectiveness Analysis

* Energy Consumption Prediction

* Defect Prediction and Prevention

Our Services


We provide predictive analysis for businesses, manufacturers, organizations, and more. Our services include developing analytical methodologies and applications, performing predictions and detections, developing strategies, generating analytical results, and developing business recommendations through algorithmic computer programs and AI applications.