Shopping Insights / Shopping Journey

Market Research to learn shopping insights

Today's markets give customers large selections to buy through different selling channels and retailers at different prices. Understanding how customers shop and what they buy or not buy is important for retailers and service providers to market their products at right prices and right time in order to gain more sales. 

Consumer Preference Analysis

Market Research to learn consumer preference

Markets have shifted from product centric to consumer centric markets. Products and services from design to market should be more focused on customer preferences. Understanding consumer preference can be very important for retailers , CPG manufacturers, and service providers to provide right products and services to their customers in order to gain more sales at better prices with better profits.  

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Market Performance Reporting

Market performance reporting - Sales in 6 countries with over 300 products.

Online reporting is widely used in retail and all other industries. Retail and CPG market performance BI apps present market metrics such as sales, price, promotion, discount, location alignment with  product and service hierarchy structures. Market performance BI apps can be operational tools for sales reps and managers, and can be used as decision support tools for upper-management. Our market performance BI apps are desktop and mobile based and hosted on servers or clouds. 

Market Analysis Application

Market Analysis Application - sales in category with drill-through to another page.

Market analysis applications are similar to market performance reporting systems. Market analytics applications are more focused on one or more specific objects and have more insightful market metric measurements. They can be analytical tools and decision support tools for retailers and CPG manufacturers in daily business operations. Our analysis apps are hosted on servers and clouds, and can be viewed on desktops and mobiles.

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