Custom Business Applications

We provide services in developing Custom Business Applications to support business operations and decision making. We incorporate predictive machine learning techniques with modern information and software technologies in applications to enhance the levels of intelligence by automatically presenting insights, finding and solving problems, predicting futures, and detecting anomalies, . Well-functional BI & AI tools will help your business operation more efficiently and strategically. The applications can be deployed at our server-based platform or commercial clouds or clients' own servers. The applications can be viewed on desktops and mobile devices.  

Typical Projects:

*  AI Application

* Operation Application

*  Analysis Application

*  Prediction Application

*  Forecasting Application

*  Detection & Prevention

*  Pattern Recognition

*  Automatic Recommendation

*  Resource Optimization

Business Intelligence Application


BI applications are designed to Align with clients' business natures and goals based on large amounts of data processed through computational programs. The UIs are visualized and interactive with drill-down and drill-through. Our BI Apps can be hosted on Microsoft clouds or clients's servers or our server. Apps can be viewed online on desktops and mobile devices.  

Analysis and Operation Application


Analytical applications are focused on providing clients users flexibilities to look into reports from different angles. They are ideal tools for corporation managers and analysts to conduct quick analyses, trace back past events, and develop business  strategies. Operational applications are specially designed for daily business operations. They show ongoing business statues and provide information for daily operation needs.

Mobile Application


Our mobile business applications are developed on the Microsoft mobile platforms. The interactive visuals display analyzed data, and can be drilled down and drilled through to detailed pages. The apps are designed for optimal views and uses on small screens. The mobile apps can be hosted on Microsoft clouds, your company's servers, or our server. 

Artificial Intelligence Application


We develop AI applications by integrating Predictive Machine Learning to automatically perform advanced analyses. Our AI apps can have capabilities of automatic detection, prediction, recognition, and recommendation.

Prediction and Strategy


AI applications can automatically predict future events, detect anomalies, and uncover cause and effect relationships based on large amount of historical data. We offer services to work with clients to develop business AI applications to gain deeper insights and operate business more efficiently and strategically.

Detection and Prevention


Detection and prevention have been used in credit card and medicine fields to help fraud and disease prevention. We design predictive machine learning algorithms to support AI apps for clients' businesses. The AI apps can automatically detect  anomalies, predict future events, and prevent unwanted events.