Business Applications

Highly visualized and interactive web and mobile applications to provide valuable business insights, and help more efficient business operations and decision making.  The applications are hosted on premise server ( or Microsoft enterprise cloud. Users can login to or get links of the cloud addresses to view and use demo apps online. 

Retail Store Sales Insights - Desktop App

The system offers a series of reports on consumer shopping behavioral analyses.  

- Analysis reports providing rich insights for products sales and shopping baskets from summaries to details in various time frames, geolocations, and product hierarchies. 

- Highly interactive and visualized tables and charts  with drill-down, drill- though, drop-down, and sorting functions.

- Advanced UI enabling easy uses and saves, and print friendly. Reports can be saved as PDF, Excel, Power Point formats.

- Automatic or manual data feeds and updates.

- Hosted on premise server or enterprise cloud. 


Product Sales Reports - Mobile App

A highly visualized and interactive mobile app for product sales analyses in multi-nations.

- The system shows pre-calculated measurements based on sales data at category, subcategory, and UPC levels at various geo-levels and time frames. 

- By touching charts and tables, viewers can see various sales related information and drill though to detailed pages. 

- Mobile pages highly respond to touch-actions on screens of phones and tablets, and desktop version is designed to have wider view on large screens. 


Monitoring & Alerting - Desktop & Mobile App

A system visually displaying and analyzing sensor reading data from equipments by live data feed. 

- Visual indicators and charts provide intuitive views of equipment status at real-time. 

- The summary reports at various time frames offer detailed and overall information about performance of equipments.  

- The system send messages to alert abnormal events. 

- It has capabilities to trace back and analyze abnormalities. 

- It is highly interactive with rich visualizations. 

- It is hosted on premise server, and can be hosted in enterprise cloud. 


Website Data Analysis Application

The application provides analysis reports based on data directly imported from websites.  

- Import data directly from publicly viewed websites 

- Custom applications for business and research.

- Highly interactive and visualized tables and charts.

-  Web and mobile applications hosted on the enterprise cloud.