Business Applications

Highly visualized and interactive web and mobile apps for more efficient business operations and decision making.  The apps are hosted on on-premise servers. They can be hosted on clouds, too. The followings are  production demo apps running on our on-premise server and the apps can be viewed at (Solution Analytics Business Management Platform). Users can login to to view and use the tools online. 

Retail Store Sales Insights - Desktop App

The system consists of multiple pages of analytical reports. The reports show insightful reports of products sales and shopping cart from summaries to details. With drill-down, drill- though, drop-down, and sorting functions, viewers can get good understanding of sales and shopping details.


Global Product Sales Reports - Mobile App

A high visualized and interactive mobile app. The system is supported by computational processes running on our server. The system shows pre-calculated sales data at category, subcategory, and UPC levels at various geo-levels. By touching charts and tables, viewers can see more detailed information and drill though to detailed pages. Mobile pages highly respond to touch-actions on screens of phones and tablets, and great responses on desktops too. 


Sensor Monitoring - Desktop App

The system displays simulated sensor data at real-time and shows outliers with visual indicators. The system can send messages to warn abnormal events. It has capabilities to trace back and analyze abnormalities.